Giving a Voice to Military Veterans

Lions Den Publishing is a boutique publishing company providing a voice to members of the United States military and veterans seeking to share their knowledge and experiences with others. As a veteran owned business, we focus on helping this community have more resources available as they face the challenges of PTSD, retirement, and other challenges facing the military community. Learn how we can help you share your voice.

Helping Veterans
Find Their Voice

If you are a military veteran who has written a book, we are the publishing company you’ve been looking for. Our veteran-led team has first hand experience with the challenges of military life, as well as the intrinsic drive to share experiences and lessons learned. See how we can help you.

Unique Audience

Share your story with a community that understands and appreciates the military experience.


Get personalized attention and support, so your book will accurately reflect your vision and message.


Rest assured that your book will receive the attention and resources necessary to make it a success.


Feel proud and supported in sharing your story and experiences with others who will value your message.


Experience a unique sense of camaraderie and shared experience, to reach a wider audience.

Share your voice to make the greatest impact

Help others who may be facing the challenges you have personally overcome through the power of the written word.

Veteran-owned Company

Lions Den Publishing is a boutique publisher for personal development and self-help resources for veterans. Founded by Vietnam veteran John O. Branch, we are all about Giving a Voice to Military Veterans. Learn more about John and his own book, “The Warriors Guide To Happiness”

Vietnam Veteran
Published Author
veteran led publishing company founder