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Welcome to Lions Den Publishing, a boutique publishing company dedicated to producing high-quality books that inspire, educate, and entertain. All of our books are written by active-duty military and military veterans.

About Our Veteran Publishing Company

Lions Den Publishing focuses on producing and promoting literary works written by active-duty military and  military veterans. We understand the unique challenges and experiences that veterans face during and after their service, and strive to provide a platform for them to express their thoughts, emotions, and stories. By working with veteran authors, we aim to amplify their voices and share their stories with a wider audience. Our team provides personalized attention to each author and their work, ensuring that the final product accurately reflects the author’s vision and message. By specializing in the veteran community, Lions Den Publishing plays a critical role in preserving the experiences and perspectives of those who have served our country.

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Our Founder

veteran led publishing company founder

John O. Branch

Vietnam Veteran

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Space to help your voice be heard

Helping military veterans reintegrate into the world is a crucial part of supporting those who have served our country. Many veterans face significant challenges when transitioning back into civilian life. Lions Den Publishing seeks to make that experience easier with valuable resources that veterans can relate to.

More About Lions Den Publishing

Lions Den Publishing exclusively publishes works authored by active-duty military personnel and military veterans. We are committed to providing a platform for the voices and stories of those who have served our country.

As a publishing company, we understand the unique challenges and experiences faced by our military community, and we are dedicated to sharing their stories with the world. By exclusively working with active-duty military personnel and veterans, we strive to create a sense of community and understanding that can only come from those who have served.

Our company is passionate about promoting literary works that offer a diverse range of perspectives on the military experience, and life beyond. We believe that every story is unique and deserves to be heard, and we are honored to work with authors who have bravely served our country.

We are committed to providing our authors with personalized attention throughout the publishing process. From editing and design to marketing and promotion, we work tirelessly to ensure that each book we publish reflects the author’s vision and message.

Our publishing company is proud to support the military community by sharing their stories with the world. We hope that our books inspire readers to appreciate the sacrifices and experiences of those who serve our country, as well as the lessons learned through those rigorous and challenging experiences. Thank you for supporting our mission, and we look forward to sharing more powerful stories with you in the future.